Friday, December 28

Global anti-Muslim/Sunni Shia Plot

Iraqi Resistence Captures
Shia Iraqi Female Collaborater
with Secret Documents on
Worldwide Iran-backed Shia Conspiracy

She's this "Muslim" woman in a 'hijab', at work at her office, and with the American occupying forces, and in one picture you see her "badges of honor" she received in return for her services to the American occupation.

The documents found with her are a two-page communique from the the so-called "Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq" headed by the al-Hakims and making up the "Iraqi [Shia] Coalition" ruling Occupied Iraq under the American protection.

The communique declares the establishment of a "Shia conference organization" (mimiking the Organization of Islamic Conference, OIC) under the supervision of Khamen'i and Iran, bringing together the Shia communities worldwide and laying out a multi-faceted plan to target Sunni Muslims worldwide, particularly in the post-Saddam Iraq. Here are pictures of the document, and I provided the full Arabic text in a Word file you can download below, and an English translation will follow soon inshallah, so stay tuned.

There are many proofs on the ugly policy of Iraq's Shia (most of whom are Iranians or backed by Iran) toward Sunni Muslims in Iraq. They want to resurrect their Sassanid empire however by employing the Saffavid tactis (in spreading Shi'ism by the force of iron and fire only, like they did 500 years ago in Iran, turning it into a Shia land against the then-majority Sunni population's will).

This Shia female traitor her face is blurred, and this is how we got the pictures from the Iraqi freedom fighters who are known to be religious zealots and they belong to a current in Sunni Islam that sees the woman's face as a private part she must not show but to her non-marriageable male relatives, so believers in this don't show females' faces, be them Muslim or not, Sunni or not.

And here are the rest of the pictures of the apostate:

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