Friday, December 28

Official Hate & Bigotry

Why Iraq's Sunnis Opposed
al-Jaafari's Second Term

---[ translation below ]---

Jordanian newspaper "al-Arab al-Yawm" (Arabs Today) reported on the authority of a member from the Iraqi "Islamic Party" (Sunni), who asked that his name remain undisclosed, that Tariq al-Hashemi provided them with a video recording of the former Iraqi PM, Ibrahim al-Ja'fari, where he is seen making an oath in front of a group of the leaders of the "Iraqi [Shia] Coalition", saying:

"I swear by the honor of Sayyidah Zainab
that if I return to office
[as a PM] again
I will permit absolutely not one Sunni
to live in Baghdad!!!"

We hope to see that video some day, perhaps when the neo-Safavids flee Iraq along with their American masters.

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